What to Bring to Your Family Portrait Session

South Bay - Los Angeles Family Photographer


If you’re reading this, you’re either on my email list or have an upcoming family photo session with Self Image Photography. Scroll down to see my comprehensive list on what you should bring to your upcoming Family Portrait Session.



Here is my list for what I recommend you bring to your outdoor family portrait session:

  1. Water (no juice to avoid stains)

  2. Sweaters (optional Incase it gets chilly)

  3. Towel (only for beach sessions, to wipe your feet before getting back in the car)

  4. Clean snacks to make sure your kids can snack without getting too dirty. Examples: grapes, pretzels, Cheerios, pouches

  5. Wipes and tissues - helps make for a booger free photo shoot ;)

  6. Diapers, pacifier, and any baby items you might need.

  7. Hairbrush, ponytail holder and bobby pins  for any last minute fixes

  8. Lipstick for touch up

  9. Extra clothes for kids to change into

  10. Good vibes and excitement to share a fun outdoor experience with your kiddos.

family sitting on a blanket together in Palos Verdes woodsy area

That’s my list! I hope it helps you feel more prepared.  Most of the items in the list are for those “ just in case” scenarios.  We'll probably leave most of it in the car while we're actually taking pictures.

But, I know all too well that parents can never be too prepared!

I’m looking forward to seeing you in our upcoming session!