School Portrait Product Guide

The ultimate completion of a digital photograph is having it printed and shared with family and friends. There are numerous ways to display your child’s beautiful school portrait! With a classic and clean look, these portraits can be enjoyed as wall art or prints to keep framed on your desk at work or at home. Don’t forget gifts for grandparents too!

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Have your child’s photos displayed in their bedrooms, a hallway or prominently somewhere in your living or dining room! With a gallery wrapped canvas, their images will be durable, lightweight and withstand being in a home with kids since they don’t have any glass or sharp edges. Each canvas is spread over a wooden frame and ready to hang. If you have photos of siblings or multiple poses of one child, you can create a double or triple display with the images, adding to the decor in your home.

snapshot-2 copy 3.jpg

Bamboo Mounted Prints

Bamboo Mounted Prints are ready to hang and offer a more organic and earthy tone than a gallery wrapped canvas. Still allowing you to create a display of multiple images, though with a hint of style and design. Bamboo mounts can be hung from the back or placed on a shelf or desk to stand upright for daily viewing.

picture of bamboo prints.jpg
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Photographic Prints

Simple photographic prints can be ordered and then framed to create an eclectic or a simple design on the walls and furniture of your home. Present a beautiful gift to grandparents for the holidays or any special occasion. Framed artwork in a child’s room adds personality and character as well!