Portrait Keepsake Magazine

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The Wall Design service offered to Self Image Photography clients is an amazing opportunity for you to take your family photos to the next level.  Digital files are a great way to archive your images and share online with family and friends, but at the end of the day, the printed photos hung on our walls and displayed in custom photo books are what we enjoy on a regular basis.  

Did you know, university research has proven that printed art of your family members provides 65% more emotional connection to your loved ones than swiping through an electronic device full of images?  Research has also proven that images visible and on display for your children to see, improves their sense of belonging, raises self esteem, and instills security in their family unit.

Our mission is to help you create something not only tangible for your home, but also deeply moving for you and for your children to love and adore as the years pass.  There's a reason you chose to invest in professional portraiture.  We plan to ensure that reason resonates with your hear each and every day, and that your printed portrait art does nothing but grow in sentimental value as your children grow, and as times rapidly rushes by.

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That’s my list! I hope it helps you feel more prepared.  Most of the items in the list are for those “ just in case” scenarios.  We'll probably leave most of it in the car while we're actually taking pictures.

But, I know all too well that parents can never be too prepared!

I’m looking forward to seeing you in our upcoming session!