Why Personal Branding Photography?

You Know Your PURPOSE

You Know Your VOICE

You Know Your MESSAGE

Now, you need a way to SHARE IT with the world!

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Personal Branding Photography is an invaluable asset to your brand.  It invites potential clientele to get to you know, your purpose and why you're unique.

Interesting stories and good freebies aren't enough anymore!  

Your audience wants to know what an experience with your brand will FEEL like and the only way to do that is by having custom imagery that they can connect to.


Your brand is your









Your brand is YOU




  • Bloggers

  • Therapists

  • Life Coaches

  • Nutritionists

  • Event Planners

  • Fitness Trainers

  • Realtors

  • Musicians

  • Motivational Speakers

  • Photographers

  • Childbirth Educators

  • Doulas

  • Bakers

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Happy Baby LA El Segundo Yoga Studio for Families


  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Website

  • Blogging

  • Brochures

  • Business Cards

  • Press Releases

  • Advertising


Rivkah Leah was such a joy to work with! It was important to me that she understood what my vision was and the prep communication really helped put me at ease. Not only did she completely get it... she had many thoughts to add that shaped my vision into something even better! She was a total pro and had such a keen eye for not only taking, but creating shots, that are consistent with my brand. Her creative vision is amazing... I can’t wait to work with her again!
— Amplify with Tristan

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Personal Branding Photography will:

  • Attract new clients

  • Create brand awareness

  • Encourage organic engagement

  • Save you time

  • Give your brand legitimacy

  • Keep you ahead of your competition

  • Create an impactful first impression

  • Allow visual consistency across ALL platforms

  • Present a cohesive feel to your audience


Wondering what a set of images from a single Personal Branding Session looks like?  

Check out the set of images delivered to Dr. Jenn Chrisman of A Perfect Practice, based in Hermosa Beach, CA


Ready to Elevate your Brand?

Each Personal Branding Session is tailored to your specific brand voice and aesthetic.  Sessions include a set number of digital files, in the appropriate sizes, with a commercial license.  

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Begin with the end in mind. 

Even if you're just starting your business, you want to start on the right note so you can live your dream.  

  • 1 location

  • 1 outfit

  • 1 subject/ 1 story

  • 30 minute session

  • 10 images

  • Lifestyle Headshots

  • Commercial Use License


professional headshots south bay


You have been in business a while and have a good sense of who you are but need to up your game and wow your audience.  You are ready to take the next step.

  • 2 locations

  • 3 outfits

  • 1-2 subjects/ 2 stories

  • 1 hour session

  • 2o images

  • Lifestyle Headshots

  • Product or Custom Stock Images (Lay Flats)

  • Commercial Use License


female executive headshot


You might have had a photographer work with you before, but now you need more.  You need consistency, you need to include the various aspects of your life, maybe your family, your dog, your daily life.  You need the Deluxe treatment.

  • Up to 4 locations

  • Unlimited outfits

  • Multiple subjects/ 5 stories

  • 2-3 hour session

  • 50 images

  • Can include Headshots, Family, Product or Custom Stock images

  • Commercial Use License


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