Friends and Family - Welcome!

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Hi friend!  If you’re here, it’s because I consider you a friend and I want to offer you something a little special.  

I’m thrilled you want to work together.  Please know that I’d never expect you to hire me just because of our relationship.  Before we get started, please make sure that I’m the person you want to work with. Since the last thing I want to do is make anyone feel uncomfortable about paying me (and because I'd probably do it for free if it wasn't my family's livelihood!), I want you to know there is absolutely ZERO pressure to book a session with me if it doesn’t fit what you’re looking for.  

You can check out all of my portrait session information and pricing right HERE, and because I sent you this link, I’m offering you a 15% off my regular session pricing plus a complimentary set of 5 High Res Digital Files.

If you want to move ahead, we'll go ahead and schedule your pre-consultation, which you can do by clicking HERE to choose a date on my calendar for us to get together!  

If the sessions don’t fit what you’re looking for, no worries, I’d love to refer you to one of the other photographers who I’ve come to adore in the area.  I know these photographers personally and can wholeheartedly recommend them:

Danie Henry -

Olesya Alferenko -