Where Should We Do Family Portraits in the South Bay? | Los Angeles, CA | Self Image Photography


Hi there!

One of the questions I get asked often by clients is ‘Where should we do our family photos?’

I’m happy to say that the South Bay area of Los Angeles County has some great options when it comes to finding beautiful places for family photos.

Before I tell you my favorite locations, I want you to know that when it comes to choosing a location, it’s not all about a pretty background.  Family Lifestyle Photography is about creating artwork and photos that are meaningful for you and your family. That means even WHERE we do your family photos should have a connection with you and your family.  If you’re beach people, I have a great spot! If you’re outdoorsy, hiking people, I have a great spot for that!

The most important thing is to communicate with your photographer about what activities are important to you and your family, so we can plan accordingly!

sisters looking at ocean from Hermosa Beach Lifeguard tower

Beach Photos


1.  Beach - sometimes families express that the beach is so ‘cliche’ but I disagree!  We are on the West Coast, a wonderful privilege. Doing your family photos at the beach, especially in the summer is both beautiful and an expression of how South Bay families spend their time.  If you live in any of Beach Cities, spending time near the ocean is likely part of your life. Why not celebrate it!?

My favorite beach is RAT Beach because it’s not overpopulated and has a great trail leading to the sand and water.

Maternity Portraits of husband and wife laughing

2. Field - If you’re family likes hiking or doing outdoor trips and you’re a romantic, doing your session in a local field is ideal. The high grass and golden foliage are a great option, too if you need to do your session a little earlier in the day since the trees block some of the sun from sunset. My favorite field is in Rolling Hills near the Palos Verdes Golf Club.

Family Photos in Los Angeles County in a field

Field Photos


3. Woodsy - If you love deep greens and rich browns, I have a great location in Palos Verdes that looks like the woods! There are huge eucalyptus trees and plenty of shade, as well as a beautiful view of the sunset over the ocean. One of my favorite spots is Wilderness Park in Redondo Beach.

school boy resting against a wall

Urban City Photos


4. Rustic Urban - if you like buildings to be in your shoot and need a break from nature, the best option is going to  a quaint plaza located in Palos Verdes near and around the Malaga Cove Library.

So, where do you think you’ll take your next family photos? Let me know in the comments!