What To Wear To Your Family Portrait Session | Family Photographer |Manhattan Beach, CA


Deciding what to wear for your session can seem like a huge chore.  Following these simple Do's and Don'ts will help you chose the perfect outfits for your upcoming session with ease!  Don’t forget to check your closet first!

two brothers reading in a park in Manhattan Beach

DO - Stay comfortable!  Especially for mom, pick something you love and build around that.  Wear something you feel pretty in and that you’re comfortable sitting, standing, running, and playing in! You’ll thank me later!

DON’T - Overthink it! You want your family to look like your family so don’t go for clothing that you’d never usually wear.  Be sure to have fun with it!

DO - Coordinate your clothes.  You can choose a color scheme based on where you’d like to hang these pictures, too.  Ex. If you’re planning on a living room wall display and your living room is decorated in earth tones, choose colors that will compliment the decor well.

DON’T - Match.  Leave the jeans and white t-shirts at home and instead choose a color scheme and coordinate so the overall feel goes together but you aren’t matchy matchy.

mother and son snuggling outdoors

DO - Layer.  The more layers the better.  Sweaters, scarves, jewelry, blazers, etc.  Layers create visual interest and add texture throughout your pictures.  They’re a great addition!

DON’T - Be afraid of patterns.  Plaids, polka dots, florals and stripes can be overwhelming when all paired together, but mixing in a few patterns here and there are another great way to add some interest to your photo session.


DO - Pay attention to your shoes.  Shoes matter! A pair of nike sneakers mixed in with cute boots and dress shoes can be an eyesore in your photos.  Try to stick with neutral shoes for the whole family.

DON’T - Wear logos or neon colors.  As much as shoes can be an eyesore, so can a big logo across a t-shirt.  Try to stear clear of sports or brand logo sayings across the front of your shirt.  Again, this takes the attention away from the family and brings the eye right to the t-shirt.

Have any questions about your outfits? Your photographer will more than likely be happy to help with any questions or color schemes you're looking at.  Just let them know!

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