Spring Fashion Guide | Self Image Photography | Hermosa Beach, California

The weather lately has been so up and down.  Some days it'll reach up in the high 70's, other days it's cold and foggy out!  I know in many places it's still snowing and part of me is jealous!  Only a part of me, though.  

Having lived in New York for 5 years, I've had my share of snow and am happy not to have to deal with the ice, the shoveling, and the dreariness that eventually comes after it's been cold for too long.  But I do like winter, or at least the California version of it.  However, I really am not into having 76 degree weather in January.  I really dislike it when it's too hot.  I love having a soft breeze from the ocean, the warmth from the sun, and being able to wear a pretty sweater or scarf.  I feel really blessed to live in Redondo Beach, California, that's for sure.

But, as February is rolling along here, spring is definitely in the air.  Maybe with spring will come some more consistent weather, too?

Over here in photography land, my mind is swirling with wardrobe and fashion.  I don't usually design my wardrobe that much, but what if you could 'virtually' design your wardrobe?  I just recently discovered an awesome site, www.polyvore.com, which I think I'm late at discovering, which is helping me put together outfits from all over the Internet, for kids, moms, and dads.  Even though I may not be shopping for myself right now, I AM working to design wardrobe ideas for my clients.  

Neutral Men and Floral Women
A Pop of Color

Many clients have said that wardrobe shopping and coordinating can be the most annoying part of getting ready for a family session.  If it were just one person, that's already a challenge, but to coordinate outfits amongst multiple family members...?  That's already enough stress to put anyone off.  

So, I've been working on my Pinterest board lately, collecting some of my top ideas and styles as well as my Polyvore collections.  Since spring is upon us, I've put together some of my favorite styles and ideas for moms, dads and kids for this spring season.  

If you want to see some more ideas, head over to my Pinterest page and follow me HERE: Self Image Photography on Pinterest  so you can get updates on new ideas that I post.  I also have some other boards on makeup, parenting, family activities and plan to add more relevant pins in the future as well.  Enjoy checking it out and I hope you have a great weekend!


Rivkah Leah