What if my husband hates family photos? | Redondo Beach Maternity Photos


So if your husband hates family photos, how can you get him on board? What can you say to communicate why family photos are important to you?

I’ve heard from countless moms that their husbands “aren’t really into photos.” Imagine that, when it came to our own family photos, even MY own husband was a bit of a grump!

But don’t fear! Even if your husband is insecure in front of a camera, doesn’t want to get into a specific outfit, or has a game to watch that night, there are ways to help him get on your side when it comes to family photos. I believe it all starts with the big C word.


Isn’t that really everything in marriage?

You’ll want to be sure to express to your husband why you’re doing family pictures to begin with:

1. Maybe you come from a snap happy family and you always loved growing up and looking back at old photos with your family as the years went on.

2. Or on the flip side, your family WASN’T into family photos and so you have very little printed memories or proof of your childhood and you don’t want that for your kids.

3. You are the family photographer and therefore rarely IN the pictures! I know this is true for so many moms and sometimes we’re so used to being behind the camera, WE can feel nervous in front of the camera too!

4. Your kids are growing up fast and even though you may have loads of photos in your phone, half of them are blurry and you rarely print any of them, anyway since they’re such poor quality!

5. You have very few photos of all of you together!

6. You want to have your home filled with beautiful memories and hiring a professional photographer to create artwork of your family matters to you. Yes, it’s both a financial and time investment but it matters to you and you’ve hired someone who KNOWS how to make it a painless and even fun experience!

These are important ideas that you may value as a mom (or dad) and if you want your spouse to get on board with you, it’s a good idea to talk about these things well BEFORE you have your photo session! Maybe even before you BOOK your session!

Then, make sure to look for a photographer who knows what it’s like to get hesitant people into the experience and having a good time! Hiring someone who is dedicated to both creating art and providing a high level of service is going to be invaluable to making sure you don’t have to re convince your spouse about doing family photos every year!

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What if my husband hates family photos? | Redondo Beach Maternity Photos