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My husband and I are both only children.  Growing up, we didn't have to fight for attention or toys or anything, honestly.  Some people would say 'what a dream!' but honestly, I always wished I would have had siblings.  There is something special in having friends for life.  And there were plenty of interpersonal skills that I never learnt until I was much older, simply because I didn't have to at home.  

We are both very grateful that our kids have each other.  I try to do my part to always encourage them to talk with each other, do for each other, and more than share, get to really see how special each one of them is.  Many times I'll even say, "Don't you have the best little sister!?  She is so cute and really loves being around you!"

brothers acting silly in their back yard

But, with having siblings, comes the fact that they don't get very much one on one time with my husband or myself.  There isn't much time for it and we really struggle to create ways to have that with them, but we know it's very valuable to each of them and that they really need it.  

When we've done it, we see how good it is, not only for them, but even for us. We get a chance to see them on their own, in a calmer and more relaxed environment.  We can talk with them and just enjoy their company without worrying about 'managing' a situation.

A few reminders:

1) Make it a place YOU enjoy and they will probably enjoy it too!  

2) Start small if you've never done it before and set yourself up for success by making sure you have some water and snacks

3)Try and allow yourself to say YES as much as possible while you're together to allow for as much positivity as possible.

family playing in the sand

We've found some great places to take them on dates one one one or even one of us with two of them in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach and I've included some of them below.  I hope you can be inspired to take your kids out for some one on one time as well.  

15 One on One Dates with your Kids:

  1. Fun Factory in Redondo Beach Pier

  2. South Park

  3. Farmer's Market (see schedule HERE)

  4. Pressed Juicery (Freeze)

  5. Coffee Bean or Starbucks

  6. Go for a walk

  7. Roundhouse Aquarium (Manhattan Beach Pier)

  8. Card Game on your front yard

  9. Tea and a blanket under the stars

  10. Scooter/Bike Ride on the Bike Path in North Redondo or on the Strand

  11. Mini Golf at Mulligan's

  12. Hiking in PV

  13. Horsing Around - Howlett Park

  14. Palos Verdes Botanical Gardens

  15. Movie Date

  16. Paddle Boating in Redondo Beach

  17. Go Cart World - best for kids ages 5 and up

little boy at the beach
family walking on the beach

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17 South Bay Dates with Kids | Family Photographer in Palos Verdes