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Do you have a little photographer on your hands?  If you are looking to purchase a basic camera for your child, then you'll likely be bombarded by lost of information online and on Amazon with hundreds of camera specs that leave you overwhelmed and confused.  If that's you, then read on!

The most important feature when purchasing your kid a camera:


Unfortunately there aren't a ton of cameras that are both extremely durable AND something your kid can use for a few years as their experience grows.  The most kid friendly cameras look more like toys and are kind of clunky. So, here are my top cameras that are REAL cameras for kids:

First Place

So, my top choice is the Nikon COOLPIX W100.  This camera is a little pricey, at $156, but the fact that it’s waterproof is a HUGE advantage.  It’s compact, has a small zoom lens and even has built in wifi, so that as your child gets older they can connect to an app to share their images with friends via text or online.  The reason why such an investment is worthwhile, is because of the fact that it will withstand being in water. With kids, that’s a big deal!

Second Place

The next choice is the Linnnzi Waterproof Camera for Kids.  It’s less money, at only $53, so that’s a major win!  I put it as second place because it’s not from as well of a reputable company and the average rating on Amazon was only 4 star - which isn’t bad, but it’s definitely not considered as good of a camera as the Nikon.  It’s greatest features: waterproof and inexpensive. Again, as a starter camera, it’s probably great, however, there’s no saying how long it’ll last or what the quality of images will look like once they’re printed or viewed on a larger screen.

Third Place

My third place camera is the Kodak PIXPRO.  This is a great deal!  This camera ISN’T waterproof, but it’s very well priced, at only $62.  This camera has a 4X optical zoom which is a great starter. Translation: the little lens will pop out and you’ll be able to magnify your subject by 4.  Just a note, when you see ‘digital zoom’ it really doesn’t count for much. Even though technically it’ll allow you to zoom in more, the quality is so poor, it’s not really worth anything.  Another variation, if you can go up in price a bit is the Kodak PIXPRO 5X Zoom.  At only $74, it’s still reasonably priced and gives a bit more magnification.

Fourth Place

My next choice, in fourth place is the Nikon Coolpix A300.  This actually comes as a certified refurbished model but it has some great things with it: great price ($99), included memory card and case, an 8X optical zoom (that’s the good kind), compact design, AND is good enough to create some big prints if you want! This one will last your child for years if they take good care of it!  I don’t think this one has any wifi, but honestly that’s a fancy feature that you don’t need because you can use just use your memory card to print from directly.

Fifth Place

My last choice for best cameras for kids ages 8-11 is the Canon Power Shot ELPH 190.  This is a great model and the ELPH cameras have been around for at at least 15 years.  It’s reliable, and has a great 10X zoom (can you tell I love zooms and close up photography?).  This camera is a little more pricey at $150 and probably ideal for a child at least 10 or 11. It’s nice and small, has some creative modes, which are great for the more adventurous and advanced photographers, and can last for a long time!

Well, there you have my top 5 best cameras for kids ages 8-11.  If you have tried any of these and think otherwise or if you have tried other cameras that you’ve been happy with, be sure to let me know in the comments!

(All recommendations are my own and I am not being paid to advertise any of these models or services).


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