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I am very excited to share some images from a really fun shoot I did for my friend, Heidi who is the CEO of an amazing women's organization, Women's Voices Now, based in Los Angeles.  She is constantly working on new projects to advocate for Women's Rights across the world and specifically uses the medium of film to bring this awareness to the public.

As she is working on launching new campaigns, she asked for me to take her headshots.  My goal was to get her comfortable in front of the camera so she could have some professional headshots that represented her style and her personality.  She is all about being strong in your personal voice and I wanted to allow for that to come through on the visual side.

I am a natural light photographer, which means that although I know how to use a flash and additional lighting, my preference is always to use the sun as much as possible.  For this shoot we went to one of my favorite locations for just south of Los Angeles, in the South Bay.

This time around, I decided I'd do something a little different and use my flash to remove any natural occurring shadows under her eyes and give her that extra sparkle in her eyes.  I am so pleased with the way these shots came out!

woman headshot smiling in Los Angeles

We walked up a woodsy area near a local preschool and I looked for a good spot with enough shade to give us light but not bright sunlight that would be too direct and intense.  We talked and laughed as I guided her into the most flattering poses and nudged her a little bit here and there.  I asked her about what she is working on now and what she is most excited about in the next phase of her company.

When I take someone's portrait, especially a woman and mother, I want to remind them of their inner and outer beauty and of how capable they are.  She runs this amazing company based in Los Angeles and has dreams and goals for it in the years to come.   I wanted to remind her that those dreams are powerful and that we want her headshot to exude that confidence and idealism.


After a while in one location, we walked a bit further to where there is this path for walkers and I took a few more images, but this time from a lower angle.  I loved the images that were looking up at her because they give off an air of heroism and power that fits with what she is working to accomplish in her line of work.


Overall, the shoot was a big success and I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.  If you are looking for a newborn photography, family photographer, or professional headshots to help with personal branding in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, or the surrounding Beach Cities, feel free to email me at rivkahleah@selfimagephotography.com.

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