How is Self Image Photography Unique? | Family Photos in Hermosa Beach | Self Image Photography


Hey there!

As a boutique family photographer in the South Bay - Los Angeles area, I work to create a personal and  enjoyable experience with my clients.  You  may wonder what it’s like to book a photo shoot with Self Image Photography and how it’s different than other photography studios in the area.

1. Inquiry & Phone Call: When you first reach out, I always make a point to call you back so we can chat briefly over the phone. That way I get to answer any immediate questions easily and quickly. Then, if you want to know more, we schedule an in person consultation.

photo album wrapped in a gift box and ribbon

2. Pre-Consultation: Before booking a session with me, I offer an in person consultation. I’ve found that meeting my clients before the session gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and for clients to see and feel my handcrafted keepsakes. That’s also when I get to answer any questions and once you know you’re ready to book, where we’ll plan the date and time of the session.

framed artwork with family photos

3. Client Portal: Once you’ve decided that Self Image Photography is the best photo experience for your family, we’ll sign some paperwork and I’ll send you a link to my special Client Portal. This is where clients have access to my special questionnaire to answer questions and help me get to know them even more (yep! I love knowing more about my clients!). The Client Portal will also give access to special wardrobe and session preparation resources that I only make available to clients!

silk photo album

4. Design Appointment: We schedule a meeting after the session so I can walk you through choosing your favorite images for your prints and products. Once you’ve chosen your favorite images, I assist you in deciding what size artwork you want for your home and where you want them to hang. Providing families with high quality, practical, and durable products to choose from makes your portrait experience complete.

Most clients choose to invest in both digital files as well as some type of artwork, as this is the best value.

There you have it! A full service photography experience that allows you to be at ease with your investment. I want you to leave with a sense of relief, knowing that all you have left to do is enjoy your artwork with your family!

Let me know in the comments what kind of photography experience you've had in the past and what it was like!