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Hey there!

As a lifestyle photographer in the South Bay - Los Angeles area, I work to create a personal and  enjoyable experience with my clients.  You  may wonder what it’s like to book a photo shoot with Self Image Photography and how it’s different than other photography studios in the area.

1. Lifestyle Photography: One thing you may notice about me is that my style is very relaxed and candid. I call myself a ‘lifestyle photographer,’ because I aim to capture the natural beauty and love that already exists in your family. My clients like to be more ‘lovey dovey’ and playful during a session and I am there to capture that! I work to get to know your family before and during the session to make sure you are super relaxed and barely notice me there with my camera. I can help bring out the best in your family and guide you into positions and situations that allow for real connection and love to transpire.

photo album wrapped in a gift box and ribbon

2. Free Consultation : Before booking a session with me, I offer a free phone or in-person consultation. I’ve found that meeting my clients before the session gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and for me to gain your trust so that when we are at the session together, you and your family are much more relaxed, lending to more realistic moments of connection and love. That’s also when I get to answer any of your questions and once you know you’re ready to book, where we’ll plan the date and time of the session.

framed artwork with family photos

3. Client Portal & Session Guide: Once you’ve decided that Self Image Photography is the best photo experience for your family, we’ll sign some paperwork and I’ll send you a link to my special Client Portal. This is where clients have access to my Client Questionnaire, the full Session Guide to help you with location choices and wardrobe, and a few other tips and tricks that I keep available JUST for clients!

silk photo album

4. Easy Process & Pricing: If you download my Pricing Guide HERE, you’ll notice that I have a basic session fee that includes a limited number of digitals. You can also do what most clients do, which is upgrade to the full gallery, but you don’t have to if you want to stay basic. Beyond that, I offer a beautiful photo album and basic wall and gift prints and canvases to help you decorate your home. To keep things simple, you will be delivered an online gallery of your images within 3 weeks of your session and you can order everything from the comfort of your own home! How’s that for simple and easy!?