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Hey friends and fellow parents!

Do you have a youngster who's constantly grabbing your phone to take pictures? Are they between the ages of 8 and 11?  Or maybe you're a photographer yourself and your kids are always wanting to copy you and ask you to use your expensive gear!?  

I totally get you! That's been me for quite a while now.  My oldest daughter, age 8 has been wanting to me to teach her photography for a while!  She wants to use my camera or any camera (as long as it's a good one ;) to take pictures!  So, in an effort to pawn off the task as a busy mom, I thought there must be a kids photography class or club in the South Bay or Beach Cities area of Los Angeles County!  But, nope! None were found! Until now!!!

girl holding a big camera taking photos


The South Bay Photography Camp!

I am offering a short camp in August of 2018 to kids ages 8-11 so they can learn the basics of how to use their point and shoot cameras and how to take better photos!  They might be willing to teach you a thing or two when they're done! Haha!

child photography in Torrance, CA

I am going to keep this camp uber small - only TEN kids can join at a time (yes, I plan to do it again in the future).  That way, I can be sure to offer my best to each kid and they'll be able to learn better and faster!

photography summer camp for kids

If you have a child who would LOVE learning basic photography from a pro in a semi-private and fun setting, go ahead and sign up to our mailing list below!  That way you'll be first to know when registration opens!! Act fast so you don't miss out!!