Tzvi Marcus Third Birthday Celebration | JCC Beach Cities, CA | Self Image Photography


Hello Everyone!


I recently had an awesome experience photographing a very special birthday celebration held at the Jewish Community Center in the Beach Cities, CA.

It was a well attended event with the Marcus’s friends and family.  The reason why this party was so special is because it was their son, Tzvi’s 3rd Birthday.  

In Jewish Chassidic tradition, a boy’s hair is left uncut until he turns three.  This is to reflect the idea that a person is like a tree.  When you plant a tree, it is best to avoid pruning it within its first three years of growth, to bolster its ability to establish firm roots.  

So too in the early years of a child’s life we commemorate this by educating him with values of truth and goodness and celebrate his turning three by cutting his hair and introducing him to a more official form of Jewish education.

Before the event we spent some time taking family pictures and special ‘before the ceremony’ photos of Tzvi.  I went to their home in Redondo Beach and took family photos and photos of just the kids.  Below are some of my favorites!  Tzvi had fun goofing off with his siblings, Yaakov and Luba, too!  I mean, look at these expressions!!


All of the guests showed up to the event with lots of spirit and enthusiasm. Tzvi’s father is a singer in a well known Jewish band, 8th Day and Tzvi loves music!  When he was asked what kind of theme he wanted, he said he wanted a concert.  So that’s what they gave him!  His father and uncle played their band’s music and passed out inflatable musical instruments and glow sticks to all the kids and Tzvi stood on stage and rocked out!!!  


The venue, JCC of Beach Cities, looked amazing, as well. Decorated simply and with bright colors with plenty of candy on every table!!


The main part of the event is where the parents, grandparents and family and friends blessed Tzvi and came to take a small snip of his hair. What an honor!

The fact that the Marcus’ put on such a personalized and unique party for Tzvi made it truly special!

I was glad to have been there for all the excitement and happy to share some of that fun with you here. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

xo, Rivkah Leah