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Hey Friends!

I have been radio silent these past weeks and NOT only because running a business can be crazy busy at times.  Beginning in February my entire family has been hit with one form of sickness or another.  First, my son got sick.  Honestly, though, he got over it in like 48 hours.  I think he recovers from sickness the quickest out of all of us.

Then I got the flu (or at least I think that's what it was). That lasted ten days.  We had about a week of quiet and then my husband got what I had and has been out for over a week already.  Thankfully he's slowly recovering and able to get off the couch now but just when we thought it was all clear, both my daughters came down with different viruses.  Both have had a fever on and off and my oldest has had some kind of stomach virus on top of that.  I'm so done with sickness!!

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As the days go by, I keep hearing of other moms, kids, and teachers coming down with one virus or another.  In the five years I've lived in Redondo Beach, I haven't heard of so many people being sick all around the same time!

I knew it would be helpful to all my mom friends to have some Survival Tips for the Flu Season.  If it helped us, maybe it'll help you too!  

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My Top 20 Ways to Survive the Flu Season:

  1. Netflix and Amazon Prime - When your brain stops functioning and you can't really do much of anything other than watch old shows.
  2. Plain Toast - Great for sensitive stomach and little appetite
  3. Blankets and Pillows - I just washed ALL the blankets in my house to see if it keeps the germs away!
  4. Applesauce - pouches are great because they're in small portions and if chilled can be soothing if you don't have a big appetite
  5. Chewable Motrin
  6. Anti-bacterial Spray - self explanatory :)
  7. A working ear thermometer - Mine has been broken and officially no one has had a fever even though I know it's only because it's not working correctly.  I just ordered this one yesterday on Amazon 
  8. Tissue Boxes - a case from Costco will last the season
  9. Honey, Lemon, and Mint Tea - Soothing to sore throats and tough coughs
  10. Epsom Salt and Baths - a good soak in an epsom salt bath does wonders for aches and pains
  11. Hired Help - someone to do your laundry for the week!
  12. Boardgames for the kids to stay busy - Life Jr., Monopoly Jr., Kids Charades, and Chess
  13. Ginger Ale - good for an upset stomach - Hansen's is great!
  14. Apple Juice and Seltzer - great for keeping hydrated
  15. Flowers - I got some flowers for my girls today just to bring a smile to their faces.  It's nice to have some cheerfulness around when everyone feels so crummy!
  16. Extra Patience - it's gonna be hard but you can get through it!
  17. Vitamin C, D and Probiotics - for the kids and You!  Strengthening your immune system never hurts!
  18. Heating Pad - to help with the achy-ness and discomfort
  19. Adjust your expectations - realize that you aren't going to get much of anything done when you're taking care of yourself and other sick family members
  20. Alone Time - if you're the caretaker during flu season, you'll need to give yourself a break so you can take care of everyone else

If you found this list useful, please share it!  I know everyone has their own comforts when their sick but the above have been a big help for my family and I over the past month or so.  Hoping that everyone feels better soon!!


Rivkah Leah


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