Rosenstein Family - Palos Verdes Estates, CA - Self Image Photography


Hi blog readers!

I recently had a fantastic session with the Rosenstein Family.  I really have the best clients ever!  This family was excited to check out a new location with me which is always exciting!


We met on Maple Avenue in Torrance, just off of Del Amo Blvd.  I had in mind to shoot some family pictures a little further down Del Amo were the street was lined with trees covered in fall colors.  


Since the street was nearby, I had to do a little extra work in post-production to ensure the images came out perfect but I was so happy with the results and the colors!


The Rosenstein family consists of Dad - Josh, Mom - Carrie, Jaacob who is in 2nd grade and Violet who is in Kindergarten.  The family’s outfits coordinated beautifully with the fall colors.  Mom did a great job getting everyone ready!!


Then we went to another one of my favorite locations - a woodsy trail in Palos Verdes Estates.  The kids got to run around a bit and be silly.

Jaacob and Violet love each other so much and were so photogenic!  It was such a pleasure getting to see their connection and joy being together!


Of course, I always like to sneak in a few Dad-Mom pics together. When do we ever get pictures taken of just us and our spouse!?  


It was clear to me that the Rosensteins are a  close-knit group who clearly love spending time together.  Josh, Carrie, Jaacob and Violet are lucky to have each other.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and click on each one to see the full image!

xo, Rivkah Leah