Top Twelve Pictures of 2017 | Self Image Photography | Redondo Beach Family Photographer


It's pretty amazing for me to look at my hard drive and see such a large list of clients from the past year.  Getting into photography was just a hobby at first, and I feel so honored that friends and family allowed me to learn and experiment with their family photos.  Below I've chosen my top pictures of 2017 - one from each month of the year.  As the year went on, my skills improved and I got more efficient at my shoots.  

In the coming year, my goal is to bring the beauty of heirloom products and intentional shooting to future clients.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope you enjoy seeing the progress!

January 2017 - I love the lighting in this shot and the multiple colors behind her.  Mushka was a very willing model and had a great sense of style!  We picked a deserted railroad track in Torrance, CA to do the shoot, which went well with her overall look.

Senior Girl with sunglasses and multi colored foliage behind her

February 2017 - I never knew I'd channel my ability to work with kids into photography.  I thought teaching was where it would start and stop.  But I was wrong!  Taking pics of these cute kiddos in the Dethrone Park in Torrance California was super fun! I remember it being cloudy and cold too but they were great participants!!! Dad even had a good time. :)

4 year old girl and 4 year old brother sitting on a park bench

March 2017 - This beautiful family responded to a promotion I was having to shoot in home newborn photographs.  They lived in a quaint little apartment in Palos Verdes, CA near Malaga Cove Library and we used natural window light and their simple walls as a clean backdrop for their images.  I love how the Mom is sneaking a peak at the new Dad! :)

new mother and father holding their newborn baby together

April 2017 - This baby boy was HARD!! He really didn't want to have any of the swaddling or typical rocking that helps baby calm down.  Mom was gracious enough to let me experiment a bit with him and try out some of my new props in her beautiful Redondo Beach home.  This is my favorite from that shoot, though!  Nothing like a candid baby yawn to show how exhausting life can be!!

newborn boy yawning

May 2017 - We had some bad weather in Palos Verdes force us to the Hermosa Beach Pier, but this young lady was ready and excited, none the less.  The shoot was fun and we splashed in the water while she and her younger sister hung out.  Love her curls and makeup here too!!

Senior Girl leaning on the Hermosa Beach Pier

June 2017 - The below image got some of my best reactions when I posted it on Instagram.  I was referred to Sarah and her family through a previous newborn client and I loved being able to capture her smiling at her baby girl in the beautiful nursery they prepared for her.  

New mom rocking her newborn baby girl in nursery

July 2017 - A favorite black and white portrait that just exudes this woman's strength and beautiful energy.  We did this shoot in her sweet home in Hermosa Beach, California while I promoted her to laugh and think about what she wanted to accomplish in her business so she could use these portraits to update her website and social media.


August 2017 - I had the honor of doing maternity photos in Rolling Hills Estates, California, for a dear friend of mine whose husband is a fellow even photographer in based in Redondo Beach, CA.  They are the sweetest family and their son is my son's age. I loved capturing their excitement to welcome the cutie patootie baby girl into their family and how this dude just loved all over his mama the entire shoot!  I couldn't decide if I liked the BW or Color portrait better so choose both!

September 2017 - Once baby Aria was born, I got to do her newborn portraits as well!! She was such a pleasure to photograph.  For this one we did it in my home in Redondo Beach since that was easiest for the mom and she just was so cooperative and dreamy.  I loved all the outfits mom and grandma brought with them too!! 

newborn baby girl in pink

October 2017 - As fall approached, I was excited to scout some new locations for family sessions and really love the fall colors in the trees at this Torrance, California location.  This family just exuded so much love and laughter together, we had so much fun!!

Family Laughing together

November 2017 - Since this session turned out to be one of my favorites from all year, I naturally had it printed in large on a framed 20x30 canvas.  We shot this family session in Palos Verdes Estates, tucked away behind a local church and I loved capturing their smiles, joy and connection!

Palos Verdes Family Photographer-4.jpg

December 2017 - The last shoot of the year for me was a winner!  We went to the beach at Malaga Cove near Palos Verdes and did family photos next to the water.  The littlest girl got wet, which was a hiccup but thankfully she recovered quickly and we had enough time to capture some stunning portraiture while including the fantastic sunset sky!

little girl gazing at sunset on the shore

That's a wrap for 2017!!  I'm excited to continue sharing with you my upcoming sessions in the coming year and hope you enjoy them as well!

Happy New Year!

Rivkah Leah