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Hi Readers!

As the new year has gotten into full swing, I've been putting myself and my business values under scrutiny.  I believe that in order for my business to thrive, I need to set myself apart from my fellow photographers in the Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach area.

I have been working closely with mentors and educating myself on how to give my clients the best experience possible when I do either newborn photography or family photography.  I am determined to be the newborn and family photographer who is willing to spend as much time as necessary to ensure my clients are well prepared for their session, relaxed when the session comes, and fully satisfied once they've seen their images and ordered high quality wall art for their home.

Self Image Photography is about giving you what you didn't know you were missing.  I am about providing you with options without overwhelming you with too many unnecessary decisions.  When you hire me, you can rest assured you'll be treated well and listened to.  When you hire me, you won't be pressured or forced into buying something you aren't happy with.  I've learned how to engage both children and adults during a session, ensuring you are able to have a good time together and that your images will display both your family's energy and personality.

When I communicate with clients, I work hard to double and triple check that everything is clear and easy on your end.  I make myself available to answer questions and provide guidance when there are choices you need to make.  And most importantly, I am happy to admit if I error in any way and guarantee your satisfaction!


I recently read about about a West Coast Hotel between Los Angeles and San Francisco that exhibited an extraordinary customer experience.  They noted what taste in liquor, newspaper, and coffee their clients had as well as making sure to prepare various amenities for them before they even asked.   As I read the detail in which this business took care of their clients, I realized that this is every customer's dream, really.  The problem is we've become accustomed to needing things quick and not being patient enough to allow for personalization and care.  Especially on every day errands, like going to Target or Walmart, we wouldn't expect such support and involvement.   But, when it comes to something as important as newborn and family photography, which preserves your family's memories for a lifetime,  it's only right that my clients should receive the best.  

One of the key ingredients in this equation is open and clear communication. Before the session, we spend a significant amount of time getting to know one another, preferably in person.  Before a client even books me, I offer a free pre-cosultation so they can meet me and understand the experience I am offering.  I request my clients complete a questionnaire so that I can be aware of any preferences or special situations that would help me serve each client according to their needs.

We will spend time preparing for the session, choosing wardrobes and discussing any concerns you may have.  We also talk about where you'd like to display and showcase your images.   Over the fireplace? In an album?  Near the staircase? In the nursery? Printing your family memories are important to me, to ensure you leave with a quality piece that will last the test of time. 

I have a list of my favorite locations to do family sessions but am always open to new locations that may hold a special meaning or if you're interested in trying a new place just for fun!   I typically will bring special treats for the children to the session in case we need a little extra motivation for them and I encourage family's to incorporate activities that are meaningful for them.  


The best part of the whole experience is when you get to view your images!!!  I come to YOUR home!  No traveling necessary.  I create a custom slideshow for each of my clients so they can view them on a big screen and then we select their favorites.  Most clients choose a focal image to use in their Wall Art purchase.  The Framed Fine Art Canvases are in each of my top two collections and have been a favorite of many of my clients.  We can design Canvas Wall Collages or Framed Print Galleries, to display more than one image on your wall.  

If you don't have a lot of wall space and have too hard a time choosing your favorite image, an heirloom photo album is a great option as well.  With various options in both size and covers, ranging from leather to linen to an image window, you are sure to find one that speaks to your style and your needs. 


Would you like to see some of the beautiful products I have available?  Check out my Product Guide Page HERE.

My main goal is that you are taken care of from start to finish and that when we are done, you have nothing left to do.  No prints to print, nothing to frame, hang and no books or albums to design.  I even come to my clients' home to hang their pieces for them.

Every family deserves to be taken care of and guided when preserving their family memories in the most beautiful and long lasting way.  

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Rivkah Leah